Android Update : Android 12 Developer Preview

Google has released an update to Android 12 Developer Preview or a new test version. But since it’s a test version, Google hasn’t released all of the new features. But the developers have already found some new faces out.

XDA-Developers New UI changes have been published in the Notification and Lock Screen sections, with Notification’s background using a more opaque color scheme compared to the current version. There is an icon indicating that the microphone and camera are in use. Including switching the position of the date and time as well.

Android 12 has improved the display of Always On Display, Lock Screen, Notification, the design of the watch has been slightly changed. The hour’s time is above the minute, and the At A Glance widget is in the upper-left side of the display. Under the widget you can find a notification icon on the Always On Display screen.

However, this new design does not appear in Android 12 Developer Preview, developers have to dig and find each other. Which is likely to have a lot of things that Google has hidden in this version of Android 12 Developer Preview and there will be a lot for us to see.

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