Honest Review of New OPPO Enco X Wireless Earbuds With Elegant Design and ANC Feature

OPPO introduces its newest wireless headphones, OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Canceling Earphones focuses on Hi-Fi sound quality by partnering with Danish speaker maker Dynaudio. With support for Active Noise Cancellation technology, long battery life and comfortable to wear.

The OPPO Enco X is kept in a white box. In front of the box, print pictures of wireless headphones on both sides, the top corner of the box, next to the OPPO and Dynaudio brand logos under the picture, the headphones indicate the model name OPPO Enco X True Wireless Noise Canceling Earphones


The OPPO Enco X Wireless Earbuds comes with an elliptical charging case, available in two colors: white and blue, inspired by the MP3 X3, OPPO’s first music player released 15 years ago. The star-ring frame is wrapped around the edge of the charging case

The headphones use the same color as the charging case. It comes with a choice of 3 sizes of high quality rubber plugs to best fit each user’s ear. The ear tips also ensure a secure fit. And also contributes to preventing noise

Each earbud weighs only 4.8g for a comfortable fit. And it’s also designed to be IP54 water and dust resistant, so there’s no worries about the liquid from sweat, rain and splash.

The back of the headphones has a touch sensor, you can tap 1 or 2 times to skip songs. Answer or hang up And you can tap and hold for 1 second to turn on noise cancellation mode. To adjust the volume To rub the tip of your finger up or down To increase or decrease the volume

Inside the headphones are 11 mm dynamic drivers with 6 mm balanced membrane drivers and dual core chipsets, and new antenna design technology. Including the development of individual headphone components to be smaller in size To make the OPPO Enco X headphones compact, lightweight, ergonomic. Therefore can be worn comfortably all day

In addition, OPPO Enco X supports wear detection. When it is found that the user has removed the headphones Will stop playing the music immediately And it will automatically resume When putting the headphones back on

OPPO Enco X was developed in collaboration with Denmark’s leading global Hi-Fi audio brand Dynaudio. The brand was founded in 1977 and tuned by Daniel Emonts, chief acoustic specialist of Dynaudio A / S, the acoustics designer of countless award-winning Dynaudio speakers.

The OPPO Enco X headphone development team has handpicked over 30 different materials and 152 components through 120 rounds of structural refinement within Dynaudio’s largest acoustic lab to deliver precise sound output.

Sound System

OPPO introduced DBEE 1.0 dynamic audio technology for the first time in 2007. Over 13 years it has developed to DBEE 3.0, which comes with new materials. New technology and new construction make the OPPO Enco X headphones powered by OPPO’s proprietary DBEE 3.0 acoustics system with an innovative acoustic structure design. It delivers rich and accurate sound details in Hi-Fi quality while maintaining the balance and the most natural sound

Wireless LHDC transmission

OPPO Enco X supports LHDC wireless high-quality audio transmission, a low-latency and high-resolution audio codec. LHDC transmission with higher bandwidth It can guarantee better wireless transmission speed and throughput than traditional SBC and AAC transmissions

LHDC audio transmission also preserves the details of the sound. And the fullness of the sound even more As a result, the OPPO Enco X headphones can deliver perfect sound. High resolution However, the LHDC audio transmission is supported by the newer OPPO smartphones running the ColorOS 7.1 A.49 operating system or later.

4 noise cancellation system

The OPPO Enco X headphones feature ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) noise cancellation technology using dual microphones. Works with Dual Core Chipsets to improve signal to noise ratio. It improves the ability to cut noise from all sides. Make the wearer hear the sound as possible as possible. And you can adjust the noise cancellation system in 4 styles: Max Noise Cancellation, Standard Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode and Disable Noise Cancellation

  1. Max Noise Cancellation Noise cancellation system at the highest level. Suitable for activating during noisy journeys, such as on public buses, subways or planes.
  2. Standard Noise Cancellation is ideal for listening to music in less noisy areas, such as at work, restaurants, coffee shops.
  3. Transparency Mode or external listening mode Designed for the wearer to hear the surrounding sound. Without the need to remove the headphones from the ears And can be easily activated Just press and hold the button on either side of the earphones.
  4. Turn off Noise Cancellation, suitable for use in private settings. If you want to save battery life, turning off Noise Cancellation will be a big help.

Bluetooth 5.2 connects seamlessly

OPPO Enco X supports Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth Transmission technology, improving the stability of the audio signal. Optimized for ultra low latency at the system level. And improved synchronization to reduce delays, keep video and audio in sync. By relying on the connection of Bluetooth 5.2, which allows for a smooth connection without interruption and supports the use of either one or both headphones. Within 10 meters

The OPPO Enco X headphones are also designed with a BPF (Band Pass Filter) radio frequency line filter to filter interference from 4G, 5G and other interference. It effectively improves the anti-interference performance of Bluetooth. In addition, an LDS (laser direct structuring) antenna is also used to improve the Bluetooth connection and prevent interference from internal components.


The OPPO Enco X headphones come with a 44mAh battery, able to listen to music for up to 5.5 hours, while the charging case has a battery capacity of 535mAh and supports wireless charging according to the Qi wireless charging standard, including charging via USB-C cable

OPPO Enco X can listen to music for 5.5 hours with noise cancellation off and adjust the volume at 50%, but can extend the life up to 25 hours when carrying the charging case. (When the battery is full) with you, in the case of turning on the noise cancellation mode, Max Noise Cancellation can listen to music for 4 hours and extend it for 20 hours with the charging case

OPPO Enco X’s charging case also supports the Wireless Reverse Charging feature, able to easily recharge. Just place it on the back of your smartphone with the same Wireless Reverse Charging feature.

OPPO Enco X is a TWS wireless earbuds that focus on design for comfortable and stable wearing. It has the strength of ANC noise cancellation that effectively cuts out background noise. Whether for listening to music or chatting It also works with the world-class Danish audio brand to help fine-tune the sound, making the OPPO Enco X a great pair of headphones for the audiophile. And those looking for TWS wireless earbuds that are efficient in all aspects Including audio connection, wearing comfort Manufacturing quality and battery life

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