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Depth Review of Latest Dell Latitude 9510 2-in-1 Laptop with AI assistant Technology

Dell Latitude 9510, a new generation of notebooks, easy to carry, elegant design, good looking, plus AI to help. It is a 2-in-1 laptop that folds 360 degrees.


External appearance We can see that this back cover is a shiny silver Dell logo on the Titan Gray color that many people are familiar with. As for the material side, it is used in premium grade aluminum. It is strong and durable. And if you look carefully around the edges of the Dell Latitude 9510, it has a diamond cut, which is called luxury and it looks good and stylish.

The width of the device is 34 cm long and 21 cm long, and the thickest point is only 1.4 cm. As for the weight of the laptop, May try lifting it, it is not very heavy. The device weighs 1.538 kg, but if we carry it with an adapter. It will weigh at 1.861 kg only.

And when we spread the laptop You’ll also see the keyboard here in plain English, and on the touchpad, you’ll also see a diamond cut. Which is designed as a simple single sheet like this by its use is quite convenient. To do this, you just have to left-click and lightly tap it, and just press it down with one finger to highlight it. And another finger covered it. And if we want to right click, just press on the bottom right corner only.

And in addition, we can see the speakers at the top of the two sides, these are 4-channel models that use the MaxxAudio® sound system tuned to suit all applications. If you want to know how good the sound is Let us go to test later. It also comes with 4 mics, the top of the screen is a Noise Canceling mic, very suitable for online meetings.

Let’s look at the bottom part of the device. We will only see a hole for sucking out the outside air. And then cooling off the back of the laptop itself

The Dell Latitude 9510’s cooling system is unique in that it uses two heat pipes and a carbon blade fan to deliver quiet yet efficient cooling. This makes when we sit and work in a lap here, we don’t have to worry that the laptop will be too hot

And with the Dell Latitude 9510 this is a 2-in-1 laptop, we can use it in a variety of formats. Either it is a normal laptop like this, or it folds up as a V, upside-down, tent-like style, the screen will automatically reverse Or it will fold until the end to become a tablet, it can do the same.

The Dell Latitude 9510 comes with an automatic unlock system via Windows Hello, either face scanning via IR Camera or fingerprint scanning on the Power button on the right corner of the device. This one is great when going out and having to put on a mask. Can use a fingerprint scanner instead It is called convenient and fast.


Let’s take a look at the screens. The Dell Latitude 9510 comes with a 15-inch FullHD Infinity Edge screen, which has a very thin bezel that makes the body size smaller. But the screen is extremely clear, plus a Touchscreen screen that supports the Dell Active Pen as well.

The highlight of this screen is It is Corning Gorilla Glass 6 DX, which can prevent light reflections and smudges as well. Allows us to use it outside the office where we still see some details. Plus, it is a 100% sRGB screen as well, giving you a level of true-to-life color images than general screens.

Let’s take a look at how it works.The Dell Latitude 9510 that May is using comes with this Windows 10 Pro that comes with some interesting security features such as BitLocker that encrypts hard disk data. In case someone takes a Thump Drive plugged in to suck the data out Or even remove the Hard Disk from our laptop to open elsewhere. Will not be able to do as well

There is also a WIndows Information Protection system that separates business information and personal information. Allows us to delete important information from the device in the event that the device is lost or stolen as well.

May has been using this device for about a week and it can be said that it is quite smooth. As for the use of other websites and social media, it can be said that it flows well.

Sound System

The sound is separated quite well, suitable for using a 4-channel speaker, and with the device being a 2-in-1, we do not have to turn off the device when we get up. Just fold the device into a tablet mode, so it can be viewed continuously for a long time.

As for the speakers, this may give a try to Spotify through Genshin Impact’s so-called BGM music, full of orchestral instruments. Ever


The Dell Latitude 9510 comes with a built-in 10810U Intel Core i7 CPU, a 6-core processor, 12 brains, up to 4 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, a LPDDR3 onboard, and a Gen 3 PCI express x4 512 GB SSD. NVMe, the connection system is also used as Wi-Fi 6, which provides 3 times faster speed than Wi-Fi 5 and can also connect to Bluetooth 5.1.

Dell Latitude 9510 comes with a 720p front-facing camera, giving you a pretty clear picture to some extent. As for the sound from all 4 mics, a Noise Canceling model on the top edge of the screen here It can keep the sound clearly as you can hear this. Plus noise cancellation as well


Let’s go back and look at the ports around the device. What ports are there? Starting from the left, the first port is HDMI 2.0 for a separate monitor, and the next two are USB-C ThunderboltTM 3 ports, with Power Delivery and Display Port both capable of charging. And can charge for other devices as well Next comes a microSD port, and the other side has a USB 3.2 Gen 1 port that can charge other devices as well. Next is the 3.5 mm port for connecting headphones or an external mic, but seriously, this laptop’s mic is quite full.

The extras of the Dell Latitude 9510 are not over yet. Because he has a Dell Optimizer, which is known as an intelligent assistant system designed to be very easy to use.

There are four features to choose from, starting with Express Response, which uses our favorite AI learning programs. To work at full efficiency

Next is Intelligent Audio. This one is very good for people who have to work in a variety of locations. For example, now that May is outside, he chooses to Noisy Office, the system will reduce the noise. Cut the echo when we do Video Conference as well. This one, May likes.

Later is ExpressCharge The system helps to improve the energy consumption of the notebook. It makes charging and using the battery more efficient. Depends on the nature of each user Allowing us to use it all day long

Finally, ExpressSign-In. This one, May likes it very much, this is a smart device unlocking system. How clever you will be. Wait. May make it look here. Just May get up. And walk out of the plane for about half a minute The device will automatically lock. You do not have to be afraid that someone will steal your information when we get up and running.

Plus when walking back to use the device We do not have to sit and press a button to turn on the screen. The screen will open manually, ready to scan our page as soon as it arrives. Safe and convenient as well.


Dell Latitude 9510 comes with a battery size 52 WHr or if counted as a mobile phone, it is about 5860 mAh. It comes with the system. ExpressCharge Boost that charges 35% battery in just 20 minutes or 1 hour charge, about 80% battery can be used all day long. But depending on how heavy the use is But if used normally, May try and relax all day.

This one is free for anyone who carries multiple devices out of the house. The charging adapter can also be charged with Fast Charge smartphones as well as a portable game device like the Nintendo Switch.

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