Depth Review of Razer Orochi V2 Mouse : Excellent lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you remember the Razer Orochi in the first version, the second seems to be even more economical in style. The rodent is visually distinguished by the lack of a backlit scroll, but due to the intended use of the tested device, it is the most reasonable choice, because it allows you to save the battery.

It is worth noting at the very beginning that this is a compact mouse, which the manufacturer dedicates primarily to laptop users. Thanks to its long service life and small size, it will be perfect for frequent trips.

Compared to its predecessor, Orochi V2 has been slimmed down by 8 g. The new version weighs only 60g (without batteries), which places it among very light controllers. If you’ve used more massive rodents so far, it may take a while to get used to.

Despite the ascetic design, the character of the gaming giant can be seen here. Elegant black, matte color, which only adorns the manufacturer’s logo, does not attract excessive attention with flashy tricks.

Thanks to this, the mouse will be perfect for everyday work – if you pull it out in the company of employees, no one will accuse you of playing yourself at every free moment. Clever.

There are classically two main buttons (LPM and PPM), as well as two buttons on the side of the device, a scroll button that you can press, and a button to adjust the resolution of the sensor.

The bottom of the device, in addition to the sensor, is decorated with a button responsible for switching on the rodent, as well as introducing it into wireless communication, which depends on our preferences. The comfort of work is additionally affected by three sliders.

Functionality and use

You can connect the Razer Orochi V2 to a computer in two ways: Bluetooth and WiFi 2.4 GHz . Of course, the 2.4 GHz variant that supports Razer Hyperspeed wireless technology is the least lossy, but it is also more energy-intensive.

When connected via WiFi 2.4 GHz, the battery life is determined at 425 hours (which is already a great result), while if you want to extend the time of use without replacing the cell, you can switch to Bluetooth communication, which will extend the working time up to 950 hours! This is a great result.

To better visualize the service life, 950 hours of operation corresponds to 79 days of using the mouse for 12 hours a day! Such numbers are impressive, especially, as I mentioned before, on people who often need to use a laptop outside the home.

One of the coolest options is the ability to connect two Razer devices to work on one dongle. Then 2.4 GHz WiFi communication is used, so the battery life will be shorter, but you will be able to run on Razer Hyperspeed technology.

Interestingly, the Razer Orochi V2 can be powered by batteries depending on your preferences and availability – they can be both AA and AAA fingers . The manufacturer explains this procedure with a better personalized balance of the mouse, and this is a pretty cool solution. I will only emphasize that although there is space for two batteries, the mouse needs one to work. And it’s not that it’s a waste of two batteries – then it just won’t start.

Orochi V2 works with a maximum sensitivity of 18,000 DPI , for which a precise optical sensor is responsible, which is admittedly a lower value compared to its predecessor, but I would not count it as a minus. With such high sensitivity, using the mouse was masochistic, especially in everyday work. Perhaps it is the players, who will not be short of users of this mouse, will use the full potential of the super-sensitive sensor.

The use itself is very comfortable. The click is clear thanks to the second generation Razer mechanical buttons . The manufacturer boasts a lifetime of 60 million clicks, but we will not verify this in any way for the next … years. It remains to take your word for it.

Scroll does its job – the jump is clear while still being smooth. I would expect such harmony from every controller on the market, but to this day it is not a standard, especially in budget rodents.

It is very good for working and controlling a laptop, but it’s a Razer mouse – so how does it work in games? Well, pretty good, but for people with a larger hand, I would recommend that you think twice before buying . The mouse has compact dimensions, which can disturb many players.

Of course, the precision of operation cannot be faulted, but I would not recommend Orochi v2 if the mouse is only intended for gaming. In this case, comfort in games is rather an addition to efficient and comfortable work. The manufacturer tries to save the situation a bit by offering a mouse hand layout in one of three styles, as well as optional accessories.

In addition to the tested rodent, the Razer Sphex V3 mouse pad arrived at the editorial office , which guarantees a good glide and helps to use the potential of a very sensitive sensor.

It is made of polycarbonate, and if you know its predecessor, the pad has also been refreshed a bit. The third generation of Razer Sphex is only 0.4 mm thick, which is an additional 20% thinner compared to its predecessor.

The appearance itself is minimalist, but if I think it will find its fans among people who appreciate devices that are designed to fulfill their basic roles. In the case of Sphex V3, there is nothing to complain about – the bottom of the pad is covered with a sticky material that prevents the mat from slipping even during intense gameplay.

However, do not worry that it will damage your desk – the pad can be easily removed, and you will not find any traces of glue or hard-to-remove dirt on the surface where it was lying.

Razer Synapse

Razer Synapse, with all my sympathy for the brand, is a necessary evil. The application, although it has eliminated some ills over the years, is still not perfect and can make calm users nervous.

However, if we are a bit more patient and see that Razer Synapse begins to cooperate, you can look at it with a slightly gentler eye. It is through the command center, which is the manufacturer’s application, that you can save and program buttons.

The app is what it is, and most of the users I talked to about it thought similarly to mine. To sum up – Razer products look much better than control software. Let us be glad that it is not the other way around.


The Razer Orochi v2 is a worthy successor to the well-worn version that debuted in 2013. After many years, the mouse was refreshed, and it was definitely a plus . It may not be a revolution in the world of mice, but an interestingly positioned proposition that should not be forgotten.

Orochi v2 is a mouse that I can recommend to people who do not part with their laptops, and a large part of the work takes place outside the home. In this case, the Razer Orochi v2 can turn out to be an invaluable companion that facilitates work during the day and allows you to play your favorite games in the evenings.

Although the Razer Orochi V2 still has a gaming character, as the manufacturer reminds us at every step, I would not recommend this mouse as the main gaming rodent. You can, also in the Razer offer, choose more interesting devices intended for this purpose.

This does not mean that the Orochi V2 is not completely suitable for games. Rather, it is the perfect complement to the work / entertainment ratio , with more emphasis on the former, largely due to its small size and convenience when carrying it.

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