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Full Analysis of Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Laptop with Poweful AMD Ryzen 3 Processor and Long Lasting Battery

This is the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5, a 360-degree folding laptop with a green touch, plus a pen to write with AMD Ryzen 3 energy-saving CPU.


The color of this laptop is Graphite Gray, a polite gray that matches the minimalist design, with a little Lenovo logo in the corner. Looks good. The back cover you see here is made of aluminum. Smooth surface Rarely has fingerprints to be seen So it looks clean like this.

Next, let’s look at portability. The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 has a thickness of 1.8 cm, while the weight is 1.5 kg. When including the adapter, it is 1.8 kg. It is considered in the middle. Can hold one hand Can be easily carried to sit and print work at a coffee shop

The screen design itself is a thin border. The top has a 720p webcam with a shutter curtain that closes the camera when not in use. For privacy Easy to close, slide it to the left. Next to both sides is a mike. The sound quality is what everyone is hearing now. As for video, it is sufficient for online meetings.


The screen itself has a size of 14 inches, Full HD resolution, wide viewing angles, you can see anywhere, it is bright color because it is an IPS screen with a color gamut of 45% NTSC, although not as high as 100%, but enough for general use. In daily life such as typing, watching YouTube, or playing social media If anyone will bring it to work on graphics Recommended is a higher version.

The ease of use of this monitor is It supports touch screen. When in a hurry, you can poke the screen very easily, no need to move the touch pad or hold the mouse. Waste time

Another special thing is that Lenovo comes with a pen in the box so it’s easy to draw or take notes. This one, Ernst, likes to use it when writing in a hurry. Or take a meeting

Finally, this screen can be folded up to 360 degrees, so you don’t have to be afraid of being broken like this. Considered very flexible because it can be adjusted up to 4 types | The first is a notebook mode. For printing | Dual mode is a stand mode suitable for drawing or writing with a pen. Or just lie down and watch a movie | The third type is a tent mode set up with a table to present like this. The degree is suitable for the eye level fit in .. | Finally, fold the screen into a tablet mode. This one is most suitable for walking, such as taking notes or using a pen to draw on the screen. But in this mode, holding one hand for a long time may get tired.


For this keyboard, there is a light under the key. Adjustable brightness at two levels. The top row is a function button for your convenience. Time to adjust the screen brightness Or increase the sound – reduce the sound, just press here immediately In addition, when working hard, it doesn’t feel the heat on the keyboard.


Both sides are the speaker positions with Dolby Atmost on the front like this. The advantage is that we will hear the sound louder and clearer than the speakers under the Laptop.

Touch pad

The touchpad itself is just the right size, neither too big nor too small. The touch surface is slippery, not rough. The side of each other is a small sticker that looks minimalistic on the device. The QR code is scanned for device information and warranty, as well as contact the operator when there is a problem with the device, and here is a sticker that tells you that this Laptop uses AMD Ryzen 3 4000 Series CPUs and AMD Radeon Graphic. Efficiency, we’ll talk about each other again.

Anyone see here? This is a fingerprint sensor. That can unlock the device just like scanning a phone It’s very easy and fast. No need to press Pin or password to waste time. I wonder where the power button is. The answer is right next to the Laptop right here. That must be next to it for the convenience of pressing on – off when folding the screen

Connection Ports

As for the supplied ports, the right side has two USB-A slots, an SD card reader, the left side has a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB-C port that can be charged from a 65W adapter. It’s an HDMI channel to connect to a separate screen. Finally, it is a DC charging connector. The adapter that he gave me was USB-C, but it still had a DC socket, so Ern was never used.


Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 code 14ARE05 is a flexible laptop. It comes with the performance of AMD Ryzen 3 4300U CPUs and powerful AMD Radeon graphics cards. This Laptop can last 8 hours of battery life, comfortable for normal typing. Making in one day, Earn almost no need to plug in the charger

But if it is heavy use such as video rendering The battery will last for about 3 hours, which may need to be charged during the day. But charging takes less time, 0-80% takes only 1 hour.


In terms of power, the CPU scores from Geekbench 5, Multi-Core, up to 2710, which this level of score can be easily used for document programs, for heavy programs such as Photoshop or Lightroom, can be used, open one by one. But if they are opened at the same time It will start to slow down. Or if you use a tool that requires a lot of processing, it will delay.

The graphics score from 3DMark Wild Life Stress Test is between 3080 points and 3112 points. If it is a laptop with poor heat dissipation, the score will be different. Considered that the CPU is not very hot that it causes a decrease in performance. As for playing the game, Earn has tried testing with the PUBG game, the result is jerky. Even adjusted at the lowest resolution I must admit that the specification is not designed to play games that eat a lot of specifications, but if it is a game that consumes a lot of low specs like StardewValley, this one is comfortable or if anyone likes to play The Sim 4 like Ern, you can play it. Too If it is slippery, everything must be set to the lowest setting.

4GB of RAM is considered too little. But enough for light use, for example, opening a browser no more than 10 tabs is still smooth, but when you have a lot of 20 tabs open, plus many programs, it will start to slow down. See And the landmark that must be mentioned is We can’t upgrade more RAM as well. But it is good that in this model there is a maximum of 16GB of RAM to choose from.

The storage capacity is a 256GB M.2 SSD with 2103MB / s read and 834MB / s write speed. Earn try copying a 9GB image from an SD card to the device, the maximum speed that can be 80MB / s and takes only 2 minutes. This one is normal memory. Anyone who has better memos should be able to copy faster.

For a wireless connection, it has Bluetooth 4.2 and is still a Wi-Fi 5 that can transmit data up to 866Mbps, which is enough for general use.

For the operating system, Windows 10 Home and Microsoft Office Home And Student 2019 include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote installed from the factory. Turn on the Laptop and use it. You don’t have to pay more.

As for the software, Lenovo Vantage makes it easy to use. Both to check the device information Update the system with a single click. In addition, it also checks the battery% easily, including Quick Setting on / off features such as camera, microphone, charging patterns. Simple performance style, just like pressing on a smartphone.

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