Good News : Intel’s 7nm Meteor Lake CPUs Confirmed For Launch In 2023

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke out today about Intel’s future plans, the main content will be: Investing in companies across the United States and Europe and opening a new manufacturing facility in Arizona with a budget of US $ 20 billion. And most importantly It is to talk about the 7nm “Meteor Lake” CPU production plan that we should be able to see in person by 2023.

Of course, the most interesting content at today’s event is probably the most anticipated Intel 7nm. After allowing AMD to take a lot of market share. And still can’t go beyond 10nm

The 7nm ‘Meteor Lake’ is a follow-up to Intel Alder Lake, a likely Intel 12th Core I Gen that will be available at the end of 2021 and likely to be available at the end of the year. Until 2022, before launching Intel’s first 7nm CPU Meteor Lake by 2022 and ready for sale by 2023.

So what can we expect from Intel’s first 7nm CPU ??

Actually, we cannot tell anything about this matter. The only information we know is that Intel will be partnering with TSCM to produce Meteor Lake, and Intel also stressed that their CPU will provide a tight transistor and it will outperform existing 7nm CPUs. Of course now.

Let’s take a look back at Alder Lake, a desktop CPU likely to be released later this year, a 10nm CPU using Intel SuperFin technology to produce a 10nm CPU, which we’ve already seen in the Gen 11 Tiger Lake. That is in the Laptop, or simply Alder Lake, is Intel’s first 10nm Desktop CPU so it will be easier to understand.

Alder Lake will come with a lot of new capabilities in the new chipset and Socket LGA 1700 along with support for DDR5 RAM and PCIE 5.0. Gen 11 of the desktop PC market (Laptop market is already 10nm area)

So what we can expect from 7nm should be the development of a CPU transistor that transmits information quickly. Intel’s manufacturing technology and functionality are significantly better than those of AMD’s.

Of course, we still can’t decide anything. But this is another good news for Intel fans who have been waiting for the Intel 7nm CPU for a long time.

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