Good News of Mac users : Adobe Photoshop Is Finally Ready for Apple Silicon Mac

Adobe has released the latest Photoshop update that supports either Apple M1 or Apple Silicon, fully or native, with Adobe specifying that this version of Photoshop will be 1.5 times more powerful than Photoshop through Rosetta.

In November, Adobe released a test version of Photoshop for the Mac Apple M1. The latest updated version, version 22.3, is now fully supported on the Apple M1.

Adobe states that in Photoshop version 22.3, users can choose to run the program native or run through Rosetta, but for native running, some features will not be available, such as import features, Exporting or playback of embed videos will not be possible in this version of Photoshop. Features such as preset syncing, shake reduction filter, and “Share an image” will also not be available.

Adobe has also addressed some of the issues it will encounter with this version, such as copy / paste. Editing files during Photoshop that is open Native or not running through Rosetta yet, Adobe recommends choosing to run one of the Photoshop programs.

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