Huawei Band 4E Active Review : Prefect Fitness Tracker with Smart Assistant And Smart Features

There are many smart bands that automatically have sports features. Good for checking the number of steps, recording heart rate throughout the day, to advanced ones such as oxygen saturation levels in the blood. Interestingly, the Huawei Band 4e offers different, interesting and quite specific capabilities. Will attract attention to a more limited segment.

Even though it is included in the smart band category, this device can not only be worn on the wrist, but can also be attached to the surface of the user’s shoe, for a more accurate movement monitor. Then how is the quality as a smart band as a whole? Here’s the full review.


the Huawei Band 4e Active Edition. Unlike the variant that was unveiled outside, this variant comes with a silicone strap. Huawei provides two interesting color options, namely Mineral Red and Graphite Black. In appearance, it is quite simple and is similar to other smart bands.

The module itself weighs 6 grams, without the strap or docking provided in the sales package. Yes, I previously mentioned that this device can be worn on the top of the shoe. The method is very easy; remove the module from the strap, unscrew the docking clamp, attach it to it, hook it to the shoelace, done.

Due to its light weight, this device will not burden you while exercising. In the module itself there are only pogo pins to attach to the docking, and also to be used to charge the device. Yes, unlike the Huawei Band 4 , the module is not equipped with a USB-A port.


The screen that is owned by the Huawei Band 4e is only 0.5 inches in size, using black and white PMOLED technology. Very small, where this screen cannot display the contents of the incoming notification from a smartphone. Can only provide certain information such as the number of steps, calories burned and others.

To scroll from one information display to another, the user needs to press the capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen. One tap to change tap, and hold to select the menu. Very simple and makeshift. At least this screen is still visible even though it is used for outdoor sports.


And just like other Huawei wearable devices, you need at least two applications that you must install when you want to connect the Huawei Band 4e to an Android smartphone. Yes, the Huawei Health application can be found on the Google Play Store. But the latest version with the most complete features is only on Huawei AppGallery.

Users must access the browser, search for and download AppGallery, open the application, search for Huawei Health and just download it from there. A little complicated, indeed. But this is an impassable stage, at least at the very beginning.

After connecting via Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, you can immediately use it all day long. Apart from Android, the Huawei Band 4e can also be connected to the iPhone with the minimum requirements of iOS 9.0.


this device is here to meet the needs of a fairly segmented sport. Huawei Band 4e is devoted to those of you who like to exercise again, playing basketball to cycling. Therefore, this tool can be attached to the surface or shoelaces.

Using a gyroscope sensor and a six-way accelerometer, the Huawei Band 4e can calculate more complete information on sports activities. Such as step patterns, rotational movements when pedaling a bicycle pedal and others. When jogging, for example, you will record the rhythm of your steps to the number of times your feet come into contact with the ground / asphalt.

Huawei even collaborates with a special institution, namely the China Institute of Sport Science, to process data from devices and generate informative metrics on the Huawei Health application. Yes, complete and detailed. But you need to know, the sensor is limited to the two sensors.

Yes, this device is not equipped with a heart rate sensor or SpO2, so you can’t tell if you are in the anaerobic phase while running, or have reached the dangerous bpm level during a workout session. Huawei is marketing this device to be paired with other devices, so that the information captured is more complete.


Huawei itself claims battery life of up to 14 days of use, and this claim is appropriate. With my usage, every day the battery will decrease in the range of 7-8 percent. Thanks to the absence of a heart rate sensor, it looks like the endurance will be the same even though you often or rarely exercise.

Unless the user turns on the screen often enough, or activates vibration as an alarm. For charging, Huawei provides a special cradle. Where the module must be plugged into the cradle, which then plugs into the USB-A port. Charging takes about over an hour to full.

This smartband device is not for everyone. If you are looking for a smartband with more comprehensive features, there are still more interesting options, take the color screen to the heart rate sensor.

But if, for example, you are looking for a device that can detect certain sports movements above so that the information is more detailed, then paired with other smartwatches or smart bands, of course the Huawei Band 4e can accommodate these needs. The price is also quite affordable, making it suitable for a complementary device.

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