Huawei will use Liquid Lens technology For Providing Better Camera of Upcoming Smartphone

A new report from a Chinese source, reveals that Huawei has entered the final stage in testing the technology to be used in its new camera, Liquid Lens technology.

Liquid Lens technology improves image stabilization performance. Or the anti-shake system and the focus system to be faster and better than before, as fast as the eye stock The source said that the Liquid Lens will be used with a telephoto camera or zoom camera first.

What is a liquid lens? Liquid Lens is a form of lens that is wrapped in a liquid lens. While the traditional lenses used today are solid. Due to the use of liquid encapsulating the lens, it is more flexible than traditional lens designs. And with higher flexibility The system can change the focal length faster in just a few seconds.

In terms of hardware, the Liquid Lens is capable of stabilizing images very well. And takes up less camera module space than usual as well There is no clear information on which smartphones Huawei will launch the Liquid Lens system. But usually the Huawei P Series is a smartphone with a new camera. It’s possible that we could see a Liquid Lens being used on the Huawei P50

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