Hybrid cloud emerges as one of the main IT trends of 2021

Social isolation, the growth of the home office and the increase in the consumption of digital services meant that companies needed to adapt and rethink processes. Technology appeared as an ally: it helped to automate activities, made it possible to innovate, and became the main priority of companies, as shown by a survey by Red Hat, the world leader in open source solutions. “The pandemic has driven digital transformation like never before, and now reflects directly on companies’ priorities for computing in 2021,” says Paulo Bonucci, vice president and general manager of Red Hat for Latin America. In the following interview, the executive talks about technology trends for 2021.

Was Covid-19 largely responsible for the technological repositioning of companies?

If, on the one hand, the pandemic was an obstacle that companies had to overcome with changes and protocols, on the other hand it acted as an accelerator. It was a turning point that made it possible to see aspects that companies needed to prioritize in order to continue growing in line with the demands of the current world. Covid-19 has driven digital transformation like never before and now reflects directly on companies’ priorities for computing in 2021. The cloud appears as one of the top business priorities for this year.

How is the cloud adoption in Latin America?

Developing countries are accelerating the adoption of the cloud. In Latin America, in particular,
there is no shortage of initiatives, but platforms need investments to gain scale, something that should
happen in 2021. According to the Red Hat study, the region, alongside Asia-Pacific, is where we will see more changes and advances. Companies plan, at a minimum, to triple the use of clouds, tracing the paths for the migration of their systems.

Why, within this strategy, is the hybrid cloud the best option?

The demands of customers and IT staff are increasing dramatically. To meet them, it is necessary to have applications and infrastructure available and reliable in all environments. The hybrid cloud offers flexibility, mobility, cost reduction, efficiency and security, uniting the best of the private and public cloud. Using exclusive servers, it guarantees protection of data storage, while providing shared allocation services, at a more accessible cost, for the exchange of less sensitive files.

Does joining the cloud put companies on another level in relation to digital transformation?

Analysis of the data collected by Red Hat’s research shows that the digital transformation is ongoing. Moving forward is not a choice, it is a mandatory option. Many companies believe they have reached their maturity, while others are still taking their first steps, but all can count on solutions capable of meeting the main market demands. The digital transformation remains an important tool for companies to overcome their immediate challenges, while building new instances of growth.

What is the role of open source in this regard?

Open source appears as a major highlight in this journey, offering scalability, flexibility, collaboration and transparency at a time when companies need it most. Open source technology makes it possible to unlock the potential for business innovation and modernization more quickly, making it possible to keep up with the fast and constant market changes.

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