Perfect AirPods Max with Great Sound Experience And Active Noise Cancellation Feature

AirPods Max are stored in the Smart Case right out of the box. With the case is thin Give the skin a soft touch And when keeping the headphones in the case, it will put the AirPods Max into low power mode. Help save more battery. That means Apple wants users to keep the headphones in the included Smart Case. Before putting them in various bags while carrying them or carrying them, the Smart Case will definitely make a stand out.

The AirPods Max headband is made of stainless steel. Covered with soft and comfortable materials. The upper has a large mesh frame to help distribute weight when worn. Can be adapted to the shape of the head of each person, reducing pressure, making it less stressful.

Stainless steel rod, the part attached to both ear cups can be stretched and retracted. To adapt to the size of each person’s head. Both earcups on the outside are stainless steel. The inside of the ear cushions are made of soft foam, designed to keep sound very well. And wrapped in breathable woven fabric.

With large letters L and R that can be seen To say whether each earbud is for the left or right earcup It also has a wear sensor.

The Digital Crown can be rotated. To control the volume, press once to play, pause or answer a phone call, double press to skip forward tracks, triple press to skip backward tracks and hold to activate Siri.

For sound control buttons Use the press to turn on the active noise cancellation mode. Or switch to the external listening mode.

The bottom of the right ear cup Will find a Lightning connector for charging the battery And there is an indicator light next to it.

As for the small grille, seen in several points across the earcups, both sides are the position of the microphone. 9 built-in mics, 8 mics for active noise cancellation, and 3 mics for clearer conversations.

The internal structure of both AirPods Max is equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers with dual neodymium magnet ring motors. High quality sound in every dimension Clear highs Precise mids Deep bass Even when open as loud as possible It still gives the correct sound Due to Apple’s design, there is less than 1% chance of sound distortion.

Additionally, each AirPods Max is equipped with a 10-core H1 chip, running at a rate of 9 million times per second. Works with Apple’s intelligent software to process sound in the highest quality possible.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation or active noise cancellation technology. It works with 8 of the 9 built-in microphones and a built-in ear cup design, AirPods Max can cancel out external noise better than AirPods Pro headphones and have an audio control knob. To turn on the active noise cancellation mode, press dedicated. And use the same button to switch to the external sound mode.

Transparency Mode

Transparency Mode or external listening mode Allows the wearer to listen to music And still hear the sound from outside Whether it is your own voice Or noise from the surrounding environment Suitable for use while waiting for the train at the station or listening to announcements at various locations. Including turning it on when wanting to chat with someone next to it For a short time.

Spatial Audio

Spatial Audio or positional audio It relies on an AirPods Max Gyroscope Sensor, Accelerometer (including a paired iPhone or iPad) and dynamic audio tracking. It helps to capture the movement of the head of the operator and the device. Let’s compare motion data and adjust the sound accordingly. Even though the user will move his head to and fro To drive sound out in a virtual pattern according to the atmosphere Let the experience sound like it’s in the cinema. It supports content recorded in 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos systems.

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ or customizable EQ It helps to adjust the sound to fit the headphones by measuring the audio signal being output and adjusting the low and middle frequencies in real time. Resulting in a rich and detailed sound.

Automatic Switching

Automatic Switching Allows users to seamlessly switch between iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, for example listening to music on an iPhone, they can simply drop their iPhone and pick up the iPad to watch a movie, and AirPods Max will switch from the connection. Automatically

Audio Sharing

Audio Sharing makes AirPods Max easy to share audio on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV 4K with another pair of AirPods. Just bring your AirPods Max close to the device and connect with a single tap.


With the H1 chip, AirPods Max can activate Siri to play music, make calls, control volume, give directions, and more. Siri can even read received messages with Announce Messages.

How to Use

AirPods Max supports pairing with most iPhones and Apple devices. Via Bluetooth 5.0 connection, but not all functions will be available, so Apple recommends using AirPods Max in conjunction with newer products. Which supports the latest operating systems including iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14.

Pairing AirPods Max with newer iPhone models is as easy as with all previous AirPods. Just bring the headphones and iPhone close together and remove the AirPods Max from the Smart Case, and the iPhone screen will notify you that AirPods Max has been found. You can tap to connect and pair instantly by tapping Connect on the pairing window. Then press and hold the volume control button.

AirPods Max don’t have a power button. Just put on and ready to use immediately. Inside both headphones there is a sensor to detect wearing. With the headphones on, AirPods Max can instantly play the audio that the device is playing. And will pause play When the headphones are removed Either removed on one side or on both sides.


Apple did not disclose the AirPods Max’s battery capacity, but confirmed it can provide up to 20 hours of battery life for watching movies and chatting. Even with active noise cancellation mode Including using the Spatial Audio feature.

For charging It can be charged for just 5 minutes, for approximately 1.5 hours of listening time, and the AirPods Max’s battery level can be checked from the connected device.For iPhone or iPad, users will be notified when the battery level remains at 20%, 10% and 5%

AirPods Max don’t have a power button to turn the headphones on or off. When not in use Just leave the headphones alone or keep them in the Smart Case.

If AirPods Max is stationary without a case After 5 minutes of inactivity, the headphones will go into Low Power mode to conserve battery life. And when you leave your headphones on for more than 72 hours without storing them in the Smart Case, they will go into Lower Power mode with Bluetooth and Find My connections off to extend battery life.

But if not using headphones And stored in the Smart Case, the headphones will go into Low Power mode immediately without waiting for 5 minutes, and after being kept in the Smart Case for more than 18 hours, the headphones will go into Lower Power mode, where Bluetooth and Find will be turned off. My order to extend battery life.

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