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15.6-inch Dell XPS 15 Powerful Laptop with Dolby Vision technology, i7 Processor and High Battery Backup

The design of the Dell XPS 15, it must be said that it looks modern. The sleekness of the logo on the back is matched with the Reed. The material is made from a premium one-piece molded aluminum. The edge of the laptop is diamond-cut. Smooth touch There is a reflection.

Flipping under the laptop, you will find a prominent XPS logo in the middle of this section. Then went to drain at the rear of the laptop The material is aluminum as well.


Dell XPS 15 Offer 15.6-inch touch screen, 16:10 aspect ratio, 4K + resolution, plus a Plus, because it has 921,600 pixels or more resolution than a typical 4K screen, measured by my eyes, it is slightly sharper.

The type of screen is WVA (Wide Viewing Angle) that can provide 100% Adobe RGB color gamut, while DCI-P3 used in the movie industry is 94%, which we can easily adjust the screen color through Dell Premier Color immediately. There are so many profiles to choose from. Can be called a straight color screen That can be easily taken to work that requires precision in color rendering such as Graphic Design, Photographer, Video Editor

And in addition, the display also has Dolby Vision technology as well, usually seen in the TV industry. But this is in the laptop screen. The good thing is that it will help with HDR, helping to show the light and color details in the light and dark areas as well as I can see in the clip I’m playing. Additionally, it meets the DisplayHDR 400 standard from VESA.

Let’s take a look at what YouTube is like. The right corner has an HDR symbol, this means that the screen supports it, if it is NetFlix, there will be a Dolby vision symbol before viewing.

Speaking of the screen edge, it is some of the 4 sides, this one is called InfinityEdge, but you can see a thin face like this, there is also an Infrared 720p front camera, if you don’t notice it at all. As for this microphone, it is located close to each other, the video quality is considered not very sharp. And if there is not enough light, the face will be dark at all

Other than this The camera can also be unlocked with your face via Windows Hello, but if someone uses a fingerprint, you can do that too. Tap a finger on the keyboard right away. Both methods can be unlocked very quickly.


For this keyboard, it is considered well made. The key press is not very far away. Type comfortably in your hand Another point that I was very surprised. Is a touch patch that remedies great So large that you can drag your mouse from the left corner to the right corner without lifting your finger. This makes it easy to control the mouse, for example you want to drag files into folders. Or drag footage in video editing like this The skin feeling is slippery and good on your fingers.


Another surprise after I tested the Dell XPS 15, it must be said that the speakers sound very good. The sound of every neighborhood has come complete. Especially the bass, I feel like my children, the factor that makes the sound good is because all 4 speakers, keyboards and sides of the laptop are tuned by Waves MaxxAudio Pro and have built-in control software.

We can customize the sound according to your needs. There is also a feature, Waves Nx 3D, a 3D sound simulation system as well. Operation uses the front infrared camera to capture our face position. To adjust the sound to be more realistic

There is also a Voice mode to adjust our voice reception to suit the environment. For example, I am in the recording studio, it is the recording studio, the sound will come out like the audience heard. But if someone is in a room with a lot of noise, it can be adjusted to Loud Office, the sound will be better.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the hand. This pattern is made of carbon fiber, which is strong and lightweight, helping to reduce the weight of the device somewhat. Weighing in at 2010 grams, including the adapter, it will be 2454 grams and the thickness of the device is 18 millimeters, although not as thin or light as it is, but it has full specifications, which will be coming. Tell them again. But let’s look at the port first.


The port of the Dell XPS 15 also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack / SD card reader or a large card like this. Good! Photographers or editors will especially like this channel. Because there is no need to connect an extra adapter / Next is a USB-C 3.1 port that supports charging and power supply, including one 4K split screen.

Turning to the other side, you will find a port that is considered the highlight of this model, which is ThunderboltTM 3, although the appearance is the same as USB-C, but the ability is higher. Fast transfer speeds of 40Gb / s, enough to connect two 4K monitors through a single port. It also supports charging. And sharing power to charge other devices such as wireless phones or headphones at 15W as well as PowerBank

The included 130W adapter can be plugged into every USB-C port. But if you have a mobile phone, you can also charge it as well.

But even so, I think that the ports that have been given are not yet complete If someone is going to connect a split screen with HDMI or USB-A ports, they’ll need to plug in the adapter that came in the box. But if anyone is not addicted to this issue, you can skip it.

Processor and Performance

For the Dell XPS 15 specification, code 9500, it uses a strong blue CPU like Intel Core i7-10750H with 6 Core 12 Threads.

As for the video card, it is Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q, tested from 3DMark Time Spy Extreme on 4K resolution of 1702 points.Of course, this specification level can easily edit 4K video. Fine ½ is smooth, which usually if the specification is not really strong Looking at this, there will be a spasm.

And anyone who needs to open a lot of tabs or open a family of Adobe programs that consume a lot of RAM, such as Photoshop or Lightroom. This one does not have to worry about it. Because it has 16GB of RAM, it can switch back and forth smoothly.

In terms of storage capacity, it is a 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD, tested with CrystalDiskMark. The read speed is 3078MB / s and the writing speed is 2757 MB / s, which is very high. I can try to load files directly from the SD card. File retrieval speed is 80MB / s, but if it is copying the file to the drive itself. The maximum speed will eject to about 1,000 MB / s ever. It takes only 55.4GB of files transfer in only 1.40 minutes. This one should be suitable for photographers. Or editing that need to receive files, transfer files one by one

For wireless connection, it comes with Bluetooth 5.1 to connect a wireless mouse. And wireless headphones with two pieces can be comfortable.

Internet connections are based on the Killer Wi-Fi 6 chipset on the Intel chipset. Killer Control Center software analyzes the Internet usage of each program. For better customization Or if we want to limit the Upload / j Download or Block Internet usage, it can be done in detail only for the program.

This version of the operating system comes with Windows 10 Home and My Dell software to help you with ease of use. Opened in, we will find instructions for use. Screen customization menu And a way to contact Dell Support when the laptop crashes Including being able to adjust or if you want to connect to your mobile phone, smart phone to check the Notification, share the screenshot Or transfer files back and forth, there is a Dell Mobile Connect to use with ease.


Talk about the battery. Dell XPS 15 comes with a battery capacity of 86WHr. If general use, such as printing on a 4K screen resolution, the battery will last for about 4 hours. Editing or rendering, the battery work will last about 1-2 hours, this is considered normal. Because it is a notebook that focuses on performance from a faster CPU and graphics card, plus a 4K screen as well, the 130W charging from 0-80% takes 60 minutes.

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