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Realme 7 5G Smartphone at Low Budget

Realme 7 5G Launching shock the 5G mobile market because Realme 7 5G full-fledged high-tech smartphone, comes with Dual 5G + 5G, supports 5G both SIM cards at the same time. Realme 7 5G very complete High End Smartphone with 6.5-inch Ultra Smooth display with 120Hz refresh rate, 4 AI rear camera, maximum resolution of 48 Mega pixels, using a new processor Dimensity 800U, 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, comes with 30W fast charging technology. Dart Charge, big battery 5000 mAh.


The design work is completely new, using a distinctive pattern by placing the word realme across the middle of the back using the Glasses-free 3D technique, when moving the back cover pattern, the word realme will be visible in 3D, which is the design of the device. Flash Silver color that you see in this review And will be sold with Mist Blue, which is a two-tone blue for two outstanding finishes in both colors And use a smooth AG surface and no fingerprints.

The front display uses a 6.5-inch red screen, an Ultra Smooth screen, refresh rate 120Hz and a sampling rate of 180Hz, screen ratio 20: 9, resolution 2400 × 1080, FHD + small screen edge, perforated, placed a 16-megapixel front camera, front ratio Screen to the front device 90.5% brightness 480nits screen for watching movies and playing games.


Supports two hybrid SIM cards. The second SIM slot can be inserted as a Micro SD card to increase the memory. Which this model is very special Because both SIMs inserted can standby on the 5G wave, both SIMs can be used at the same time Able to switch to use 5G data from any SIM card immediately with support for 5G-CA (2CC 5G Carrier Aggregation) or combining multiple frequency bands if the service provider enables it to support 12 5G frequencies across The world.


Realme is a brand that makes good camera software. Use a single 16-megapixel front camera with HDR, backlit photography and Bokeh Effect for taking selfies, the face is clear after blurring and has AI Beauty to enhance the beauty of all sexes, all skin types, beautiful face camera. Beautiful people take more pictures and look beautiful.

The high-resolution rear camera, 48 Mega pixels, uses a Samsung S5KGM1ST sensor, works together with 119 ultra wide-angle lenses, has AI and a Marco lens for focusing within 4 centimeters, detecting the subject and adjusting the color tones to match. situation Supports a maximum digital zoom of 10x, but the image zoom is still beautiful.

the Portrait B&W lens is an add-on lens that uses a color filter system to help portraits. It allows the main lens to capture light easily. Differentiate what object is being captured. Can help create images of different styles, colors for portraits photographs more and more people.

System Function

Realme will provide various services for users by setting up a store for downloading themes, fonts, wallpapers, as well as applications and games from their chosen store. We load these things and use them immediately without a Google ID first.

We can configure the output of the machine. In the matter of refresh rate For more battery preservation We can choose whether its screen will run at refresh rate 60 or 120Hz or let the system automatically select Auto-select Screen Refresh Rate as well. It will select a refresh rate to suit the application or our current usage.

Supports the OSIE Vision Effect feature, enhancing the brilliance of colors, images and videos. To be more beautiful and clear with applications that support.

The screen is full of speakers, the sound is good too, even if it is a single speaker. But the sound quality has dimensions and has sound content.

For people who like to rest their eyes Will have a mode for eye care It adjusts the screen’s color temperature, reducing blue light radiation. Reduce eye fatigue And there is a night mode or dark mode That will change the menu pages and applications Into a black tone and the mode of “going to bed” is a mode for preparing for bed. By reducing the tones of light tones, our mobile screen displays the image in grayscale. Reduce the secretion of melatonin of the brain. To maintain the quality of the life clock to make it easier to sleep It will also block notifications that will disturb you when you go to bed. By these life clock and eye preservation functions It allows us to set up every function to enable automatically.

Rest your eyes and there’s a mode to help you take a break. “Focus Mode” is a mode that helps you focus on what you’re doing. Relax from the outside world for the time we set aside, maybe 30 minutes or an hour where we ask to concentrate and take a break. The system will use ASMR sound to create a comfortable atmosphere. And blocking contact, closing notifications that will interfere with the time we set for it.

There is a function for helping users more conveniently. Smart sidebar This is a special window that can be launched at any time from the edge of the screen. We can define apps or applications that we use frequently. Put it in this window in advance For fast switching between apps.

Operation via gesture style or Gesture is supported since the screen is still off. For example, drawing a circle on the screen to activate the camera. Or drawing a V shape to instantly activate the flashlight.

Three-finger operation to save screenshots You can save some screenshots or save long screenshots. With control through the Gesture, three fingers dragged down. Or will use split screen to run two applications at the same time Just drag three fingers upwards only. We can set the window size between the two apps too.


Realme 7 5G is featured in the power allocation as well. Usually, the size of 5,000 mAh is already a lot. But with the system itself, it allocates energy well. And make the duration of use during the day to be long We can use it for two days for general use. It has several energy saving systems. For example, requiring background apps to close quickly after inactivity. Or processor balancing To work while maintaining efficiency and saving energy in the body

There is an emergency system for extending the lifespan of the battery to three times longer than usual. Which is the ultimate energy saving mode Will cut out many functions and let us set the app to use only 6 applications For the most battery conservation The battery is only a few% left, it can still be important for several hours.

The rest of the performance is very stable, able to play very high graphics-level games, keeping the frame rate constant. There is a mode for helping game players. Extrusion machine performance And blocking interference that will interfere with contact This model can play high-level games comfortably.

Open applications that support work on the 120Hz screen, it will look more delicate. As a result, we feel that the use of it is smoother than usual as well. The overall performance of this device in use in many ways, both in terms of use and in terms of battery life are more than enough.


The charging port under the device is USB TypeC, supports 30W charging, the Dart Charge can charge its 5000 mAh battery to 100% in 65 minutes
and can charge the first 50% battery in about 26 Only minutes It is a fast charging system with 5 layers of safety protection to take care of the charging voltage and heat. From the charger to the charging cable to the smartphone Safe to use even when charging, realme has designed it to support 15W PD charging for flexible use and charging from other devices. Its 5000mAh battery also supports power output to charge external devices like a power bank.

Android version

Run on Android 10 system, covered with realme UI, this model uses a high-level processor, Dimensity 800U, 7 nm production technology, high performance, with the Benchmark test score more than three hundred Operate everything on your Android system comfortably, including playing games.

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