Review of Apple Watch SE with LTPO OLED Display, watchOS 7 and up to 18 hours of Battery Life

In 2020, Apple announced for the first time two new Apple Watch models, the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Special Edition Apple Watch SE, with most of the features similar to the Apple Watch Series 5 released last year.

The Apple Watch SE shares the same design as the pricier Apple Watch Series 6. Only the SE case material is available in only one option, aluminum and it is available in only 3 colors: silver, space gray and gold. Blue and (PRODUCT) RED are also available.

Design and Display

Apple Watch SE features an ultra-sharp, low-power LTPO OLED Retina Display. Protected with Ion-X glass, it has the same brightness of 1,000 nits as the Series 5 and Series 6, but does not support Always-on features.

Apple Watch SE is available in two sizes (30% larger than Series 3), the same as Series 6, including 40 mm, with a screen resolution of 324 x 394 pixels, display area of ​​759 mm2 and size. Size 44 mm., Resolution 368 x 448 pixels, display area 977

The back of the case has a watchband release button on the top and bottom bezel. In the middle is the location of the 2nd generation optical heart sensor.

The sides have a Digital Crown with haptic feedback, microphone and side buttons.

The other side has a speaker box. And used as a ventilator After wearing Apple Watch for swimming, it can expel water from the channel.

Apple Watch SE is water resistant to 50 meters, just like the Series 5 and Series 6. Can be worn down to a depth of 50 meters, but can also be worn in the water. Therefore able to do water activities with peace of mind.


One of the new features that the Apple Watch Series 5 does not support but includes on the Apple Watch SE is the Always-on Altimeter, while the Series 5 models also support the altimeter. But can only read the altitude readings intermittently, not working all the time like the SE.

Apple Watch SE can provide real-time altitude data throughout the day using the new Barometric Altimeter, a new barometric altimeter. It works with nearby GPS and Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, only a small change in elevation above the ground can be detected. Which is higher or lower from the measurement of 30 cm and can be displayed as a new instrument or exercise measurement.

Apple Watch SE can also provide slope, altitude, latitude, longitude, along with a compass app that shows precise directions. And a new compass mechanism can be added to the watch face.

Elevate health care

Apple Watch SE features the latest in motion sensors and microphones. Which is useful in features fall detection, emergency SOS (call for help and inform emergency services (Fast), international emergency calling (only GPS + Cellular), noise app And with watchOS 7 also supports features Sleep tracking Automatic hand washing detection Including new exercise tracking .

The fall detection feature uses Apple’s algorithms, along with the latest in motion sensors and gyroscopes in the Apple Watch SE.When a fall occurs, Apple Watch SE analyzes wrist trajectory and acceleration. Causing a shock Therefore able to send notifications to the wearer after a fall In which the user can turn off the alert or choose to call emergency assistance immediately.

If Apple Watch SE detects that the wearer is motionless for about 60 seconds after a fall, Apple Watch SE automatically calls emergency services and plays a voicemail. Give the coordinates as latitude and longitude. In addition to sending messages to emergency contacts.

Apple Watch SE is equipped with the latest microphones. Help measure the sound level around you in real time. To provide more detailed hearing health information, Apple Watch SE can alert you when the area is exposed to excessive noise and hearing damage. The user can check the noise level anytime through the noise app or the noise dial mechanism.

In addition to the new microphone, Apple Watch SE comes with a new generation of speakers that provide better sound quality. For making phone calls, interacting with Siri, and using Walkie-Talkie.

WatchOS 7

Apple Watch SE comes with the latest version of the watchOS 7 operating system. It offers seven new watch face options, including line, chronograph, pro, GMT and artist, while managing, discovering, and sharing new watch face configurations with others.

watchOS 7 also features new health and fitness features, including low-range VO2 Max, sleep tracking, automatic hand wash detection. And new types of exercise To help users better understand their overall health, the Maps app on watchOS 7 has also been updated. Comes with a cycling route It’s easy to see on your wrist and Siri can now translate.

Family Setup
Family Setup or family settings. As another new feature with watchOS 7, family members, whether kids or seniors, who use Apple Watch but don’t have an iPhone, benefit from connectivity, safety and fitness features.

For kids who use an Apple Watch but don’t have an iPhone, they’ll benefit from the ability to communicate. And personal customization, access to emergency SOS at any time And enjoy an experience tailored just for kids, as well as a new mode called “Study Time” that will help children learn more. Concentrate and concentrate on studying at home and in class.

watchOS 7 also includes features optimized for older adults. From the start to easy setup There is also a new, extra large dial that allows the full information of time and instrument movements at a glance. Seniors can benefit from a new health checklist in the Health app on iPhone, which can check if health features like fall detection are enabled. In one central view.


Apple Watch SE uses the S5 System in Package (SiP) chip with a 64-bit dual-core processor, which is the same chip found in the Apple Watch Series 5. That means Apple Watch SE is as powerful as the Apple Watch. Premium in the last year With twice the speed compared to Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch SE also supports Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n (2.4GHz), Bluetooth 5.0, and on GPS + Cellular models, it supports the same 4G LTE and 3G UMTS networks as the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple Watch SE also gets a built-in 32GB of built-in storage, equal to the Apple Watch Series 6 and Series 5, allowing you to easily listen to music from Apple Music offline.


Apple Watch SE comes with a lithium-ion battery. Provides up to 18 hours of battery life as the Apple Watch Series 5, but doesn’t get the Apple Watch Series 6 fast charging technology.

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