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Samsung Galaxy A02s with 6.5-inch Infinity-V panel IPS, Triple Camera and Snapdragon 450 Processor

Samsung Galaxy A02s, a new generation of mobile phones that has been upgraded from the previous generation to be more suitable for the era. But it still remains the lowest price as before, which Galaxy A02s has been upgraded including screen, processor chip, memory, camera, as well as battery. It can be said that all major specifications are upgraded. And keep the selling price not exceeding. So how are the different upgrades going to be? Let’s go watch it.

Design + Display

Samsung Galaxy A02s comes with a simple design, using a matt plastic material. Help the machine to be lightweight Resulting in a more comfortable grip On the plastic surface, there is a wave pattern to help you do not slip your hand when holding it. There is a camera module placed in the upper left corner. It features a 13MP rear camera, a 2MP Macro camera, and a 2MP depth camera, and an LED flash built into the module.

Galaxy A02s screen is a 6.5-inch Infinity-V panel IPS screen with HD + resolution in a 20: 9 aspect ratio, which has a resolution of 5 megapixels.

Around the machine on the right side, there are volume buttons and a power button. On the left side of the device there is a triple-slot SIM slot, allowing you to insert both 2 SIMs and a MicroSD card simultaneously. At the top of the device there is a microphone for noise cancellation. And at the bottom there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microphone for chatting, a USB Type-C port and a speaker.

Performance and usability
The Galaxy A02s uses the Snapdragon 450 processor, which is a very low-cost processor with an emphasis on energy efficiency, but still has the power to play some games. But the highlight of this Galaxy A02s that has a Snapdragon 450 processor chip is the long time of general use, including the phone, watching movies / watching clips / watching dramas. Or even playing on social media It can be used more than a day comfortably, plus if used well, it may be used for more than 2 days. Which when trying to use it is not inserted a SIM to connect, but Wi-Fi focuses on playing Facebook only takes up to 3 days Counted as being tough and not mindful of the backup battery

In the matter of playing games Of course, the Snapdragon 450 processor can play games However, with the fact that it is a power-saving chip, it is impossible to adjust the graphics at a high level and also lag if you do not make the lowest adjustments. Of course, games that require strong specifications are out of the right to play, such as Genshin Impact, that Galaxy A02s cannot be downloaded and installed. By trying to adapt the RoV game to the maximum that the device can do I must say that it is very difficult to play, both the touch jerk is not stuck, and when it heats up a bit, the reception starts to deteriorate. If I would recommend it, this Galaxy A02s is suitable for playing light games or, at the most, Free Fire only.

The Galaxy A02s comes with an Android 10 operating system covered with OneUI 2.5, which is even the youngest device. But the ability to split the screen or even open a pop-up app is also possible. Which the author has tried to open apps with split-screen to shout with the opening of apps in a stacked pop-up Usage, it can still be used normally There was no spasm whatsoever (although no one would use it like this for sure).


The Galaxy A02s camera consists of three cameras, a 13 megapixel main camera, a 2 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel depth lens. The main camera only Either wide-angle shooting or zoom shooting. But if there is a Live Focus shooting or a main scene melting shot, the Depth lens will also be used, which the resulting image is considered to be at a level that can be uploaded to social media. Or even for use in an emergency Because of the camera body, detail retention is not bad, plus HDR pictures taken backlit can show details in a full cup, rather than the price of the device.

As for the front camera for selfies, it is a 5 megapixel camera that can take wide-angle pictures as well. This is a very good thing, but what we encounter, which may not be a very big problem, is that if a selfie in the bright sunlight, the background of the image will be too bright that it will not be able to see the subject at all. And if shooting with Live Focus mode, sometimes the camera will dissolve too much. For example, if you are wearing wired headphones The headphone cable will also be melted.


From what I have tried, the Samsung Galaxy A02s is a cheap phone that is perfectly suited for general use, with an extremely durable battery and an easy-to-hold design. Help to be more attractive to use. If you want to introduce a group of people suitable for this device, it must be said that this Galaxy A02s is the perfect mobile phone for people who want a secondary mobile phone to make or receive calls, elderly groups who want a mobile phone. For use in contact with children Or even those who want a cheap mobile phone for use with the wallet app, etc.

Samsung Galaxy A02s specifications

  • Screen: 6.5 inch IPS-LCD, resolution 1600 x 720 pixels (HD +), screen aspect ratio 20: 9
  • Processor chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Memory: 64GB, support MicroSD card up to 1TB
  • Rear camera:
    13 megapixel main lens with autofocus system
    2 megapixel macro lens
    2 megapixel depth lens
  • Front camera: 5 megapixel resolution
  • Battery: 5,000 mAh supports fast charging 15W
  • Operating system: Android 10 covered with OneUI 2.5
  • Connections: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type-C 2.0.
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, proximity
  • Size: 164.2 × 75.9 × 9.1 mm.
  • Weight: 196g.

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