Samsung Galaxy A72 Smartphone At Affordable Price

Starting in 2021, Samsung has released many types of smartphones in different segments. However, unlike the previous year, the middle or mid-range series was the slowest or last release, after flagship and entry-level. Including the Samsung Galaxy A72 which was released at the same time as two other A series in the country.

Compared to the Galaxy A32 & Galaxy A52, of course the Samsung Galaxy A72 is a form of the most premium offering among the three. The design is made different from the previous series, looks more like a flagship line, and actually carries the DNA that should have been brought from the Galaxy A series a few years ago, namely waterproof certification.

To be honest, at first I was skeptical of the presence of the Galaxy A72, where I felt it was worth buying the Galaxy A52 variant only. But after a few days of using it as a daily driver, my perspective changed. Here is a complete review of the Samsung Galaxy A72


When I first saw the rear body of the Samsung Galaxy A72, I immediately remembered the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Maybe because the shape of the camera module is very similar, and the four corners are a little firmer or boxy. Including the dimensions which are quite large, and have a steady weight at 203 grams.

Not the lightest, and certainly not the thinnest at 8.4mm. The material also uses plastic with a matte surface. Of the four color variants, the Awesome Black color that I reviewed is quite attractive and is able to hide fingerprints, aka not easily dirty.

Without a soft case in the sales package, the unit still looks smooth including the bezel which has a chrome accent, even though I use it & place it rather haphazardly. So that for durability, it’s good enough and you don’t need to worry even though it’s not made of glass or metal material.

Dirty? Just watered it with clean water, because Samsung again gave it IP67 certification. Aliases are dust and water resistant to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Even the 2021 flagship still exists without an IP rating. So it is quite surprising that Samsung decided to return to this feature (including the Galaxy A52).


For the screen, maybe you could say there is an up and down. The Samsung Galaxy A72 has an extra-wide screen with dimensions of 6.7 inches, which of course already uses a Super AMOLED panel. Of course the contrast and color saturation are very good (slightly higher than the Galaxy S20 FE though). What’s new from the previous generation is the implementation of a high refresh rate.

Yes, this time Samsung’s middle-class smartphone users can enjoy smooth transitions when scrolling or access content on the screen up to 90Hz, even though it’s not yet adaptive which can save more battery. Besides that, I have no problem with the flat panels. It’s just that, for the size of a smartphone, the price is Rp. 5 – 6 million, the four bezels are too thick.

With an already large screen, the bezels are slightly thicker than the previous generation making the overall dimensions even bigger. Although, indeed, for those with small hands, there is a one-handed mode to make one-handed navigation easier. The punch-hole camera looks very small and is in the top center, with silver accents around it.


The Samsung Galaxy A72 camera setup is exactly the same as the Galaxy A71. There’s a 32MP sensor at the front, a 64MP f / 1.8 main sensor with Quad Bayer technology, 12MP ultra-wide angle and 5MP macro. The two main differences are in stabilization, and the replacement of the depth sensor into a much more specialized sensor.

For the first time, in the A7 series, Samsung has embedded an 8MP f / 2.4 telephoto sensor with PDAF and 3x optical zoom. This sensor can provide a maximum zoom of up to 30x, much like the Galaxy S21. What’s more, both the main sensor and the telephoto sensor are also equipped with OIS.

In terms of features, it is not much different from other Samsung mid-range series. There is a Pro Video mode, there is a watermark option (which is still too big), and also a Single Take mode which is more flexible. Plus a new mode, “Fun” which is like a Snapchat filter integrated in the camera application.

So what about the camera results? I myself have never tested it with the previous generation, but the impression is better than the Galaxy M51. Color reproduction tends to be accurate and not over-saturated. The quality of the ultra wide-angle sensor is also of high resolution quality — it’s just that night mode can’t be used with this sensor.

The existence of a telephoto sensor makes me more often take photos from a distance or detail objects closer. Just like in other smartphones, this sensor is only used in sufficient light conditions. Exceeded my expectations, an experience not found in smartphones with the same price.

Both the front and rear cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A72 can record videos at up to 4K 30fps. And for 1080p video recording on the rear camera, users can change the sensor subtly during the recording process, from ultra-wide to telephoto. A complete package for creating quality video content from a smartphone.

Other Features

Using the latest One UI interface, Samsung promises an attractive update system in the A series this year. For the Samsung Galaxy A72 & A52, it promises three times Android version updates and four years of security updates. Although in some applications such as the weather is now advertising.

Features such as Game Launcher and Edge Panels are here to make it easier for users to play games and access certain features or applications. There’s also less bloatware, with Bixby shortcuts being optional and the Samsung browser app also not required to be installed.

Even though it is now waterproof, Samsung has pinned a dual speaker setup, where the Samsung Galaxy A72 earpiece is now active as a secondary speaker. What is somewhat lacking in my opinion is the less precise haptic feedback or vibration, and the fingerprint sensor which is not as instant as competitors. Reliable, but it takes extra time for the screen lock to unlock.


The chipset used on the Samsung Galaxy A72 is very common in its class. It may look numerically as a downgrade, the Snapdragon 720G is still superior to the Snapdragon 730 on the Galaxy A71.

Combined with 8GB RAM and 128 / 256GB internal storage, I say the performance is sufficient. It’s not slow, but I sometimes encounter stuttering or less smooth transition effects when switching applications. Maybe because the refresh rate is high, so it is more burdensome for processor performance.

The rest is okay, it is used for intensive camera testing and it doesn’t feel hot either in the rear body and in the camera module area. Oh yes, the SIM slot on this smartphone is of a hybrid type, so make sure the internal memory capacity you choose is right if you want to use it with two nano SIM cards.


The Samsung Galaxy A72 battery capacity is slightly enlarged from the previous series, now 5,000 mAh. Maybe that’s the reason why this smartphone appears a little thicker. For intensive use of my a-la, enough for one full day of use with screen on-time reaching 4.5 – 5 hours.

That includes an active always-on display as well as activating the hotspot for more than an hour, including testing the camera and the 90Hz refresh rate. If it’s lighter, the Samsung Galaxy A72 can definitely go beyond at least 1.5 days of use. Charging is also quite fast with 25W fast charging via the USB-C port.

I think Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy A72 class to a higher level. Looking for ways to make as many flagship features as possible be felt by more people, cutting out unnecessary extra features. Glass body, wireless charging, curved screen, and others are not found on this smartphone.

But the Samsung Galaxy A72 carries essential flagship features like main sensor (& telephoto) with OIS, IP certification rating, 90Hz AMOLED panel and still combines it with a microSD card slot plus a 3.5mm audio jack. Reaching a combination point that fits perfectly in its price class, fits into the first choice.

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