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Review of Tecno Spark 6 Go: 6.52 inches Display, High Battery Backup aSmartphone at Low Budget

Tecno Mobile has officially started its presence as a brother of Infinix, both of which are under the auspices of Transsion Holding as its parent company. The products provided also come at affordable prices, one of which is the Tecno Spark 6 Go which I will review this time.

Considered to fulfill the desire of customers, the features brought by this smartphone are arguably quite competitive, with competitive selling prices as well. Before I tried this smartphone, I tried not to have my expectations too high, considering that the specifications on paper offered are quite tempting. Too good too be true, that is, if all the features work perfectly. Its that true? Here’s the full review.


If you have entered the affordable price segment, of course we cannot expect much on the materials used by Tecno Spark 6 Go. But at least it can still be modified a little to keep it attractive to the eye.

The material is made of plastic with a glossy finish, and the price class will indeed shine when viewed from afar though. However, there is an interesting line pattern attached to the back of the body, and it is not easy to imprint fingerprints. The dimensions are also quite thin at 9.1mm, without the rear camera bulge.

Interestingly, Tecno Mobile can still embed a fingerprint sensor on the Tecno Spark 6 Go, while other competitors only have a face unlock option using the front camera. The speed is also considered instant and accurate. For extra protection, there is also an exclusive hard case with the Manchester City logo and a separate anti-scratch layer in the sales package.

DisplayEasy to look at, but less comfortable to use. That sentence can describe the screen part of Tecno Spark 6 Go. In dimensions it is quite wide at 6.52 inches, use an IPS panel with HD + resolution. The colors displayed are quite colorful with a good viewing angle, arguably a little more than its class. Also added with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

But unfortunately, this screen is a little uncomfortable when used to play games or type quickly. In fact, I haven’t installed screen protection yet. Often I have to retype words that are mistyped, or anticipate them by putting a little extra stress on each letter I write. Likewise with the swipe process when accessing social media applications or playing games.


There are three camera lenses owned by the Tecno Spark 6 Go, one on the front and two at the back. For selfie purposes, an 8MP f / 2.0 camera equipped with a flash is prepared. This lamp is an LED type, pinned to the left of the sensor, aka not by turning on the screen until it is bright.

While on the back, there is a two camera sensor setup that is placed parallel to the LED flash, as if it has three cameras. The main sensor is 13MP resolution, supports autofocus and f / 1.8 diaphragm. The secondary sensor is unspecified – my guess is to help produce a better bokeh effect.

The AI ​​Scene Detection feature is able to recognize 18 different types of scenes with an accuracy rate of 95%. Meanwhile, other features such as ‘AI Beauty’ and ‘AI Body Shaping’ are also present to beautify self-portraits. AI Body Shaping is only present in the highest memory variants, because the chipset used is slightly different.

Then what about the camera quality? In terms of color reproduction, it is quite good, aka close to accurate. The results of indoor photos still have sufficient detail, of course, when compared to smartphones in their class. If it is nighttime, the details will certainly decline drastically.

There are three video recording options with a resolution of 480p, 720p and a maximum of 1080p at 30fps. The results are quite ordinary, not equipped with EIS, aka it will be less stable when used to record handhelds without the help of a tripod.

Other Features

Even though it uses the Android 10 Go Edition operating system, Tecno Mobile provides a variety of extra features on the HiOS 6.2 interface belonging to Tecno Spark 6 Go. It doesn’t feel like a light version of the operating system at all, and if you have previously used Infinix, the menu display and others will look similar to familiar aliases.

The first impression I got when accessing the menu was that it was full. This is due to the large amount of bloatware on this smartphone. Many of them cannot be deleted, alias can only be disabled. Even though the chipset that is carried is quite mediocre, as well as the memory capacity (especially for the cheapest variant).

Indeed, there are several features that can be a special attraction for consumers. Like the Audio Share application which makes Tecno Spark 6 Go be able to transmit audio to more than one Bluetooth device simultaneously. Also special modes such as Bike mode which automatically rejects incoming calls and sends SMS messages while we are driving a motor vehicle.

Processor and Performance

This cheap Tecno Mobile smartphone has a unique memory configuration. When viewed on the official online store, the Tecno Spark 6 Go comes in three different RAM configurations and internal storage; 2 / 32GB, 3 / 64GB and 4 / 64GB. Well, the use of the chipset is different, where the two cheapest variants run the 12nm MediaTek Helio A20.

While the 4 / 64GB memory variant uses the Helio A25. The difference between the two is in the CPU and GPU architecture, where the A20 has a 1.8GHz Cortex-A53 quad-core CPU, while the A25 has an extra 4-core CPU at 1.5GHz. As well as a slightly superior GPU, so it can provide extra features such as AI Body Shaping. The variant we reviewed is the cheapest variant, and its performance is still quite okay.

Maybe because it uses the base Android Go, so even though it has a lot of applications, it doesn’t burden the processor too much. Because RAM capacity is short, it is natural that applications often require a reloading process. But not to the point of annoying. In other words, according to the price, it is not much different from competitors.


The Tecno Spark 6 Go has a large enough battery capacity at 5,000 mAh. Of course, it is not supported by fast charging, where charging this smartphone takes more than three hours. So you have to be extra patient for this one part.

But don’t worry, it’s going to be really long. With my use of it, it could take up to two whole days. Of course, using an entry-class smartphone will be different from when using the mid-range or flagship class, where we can’t access many applications at once. This situation also adds to the lifespan of the Tecno Spark 6 Go.

Compared to competitors I have tried before, Tecno Mobile promises more features and higher specifications through Tecno Spark 6 Go. Of course, this information will seem like an oasis that will attract the attention of potential customers. But keep in mind, this is an affordable smartphone.

So of course, it will come with some caveats or shortcomings. Some of the most annoying in my opinion are the amount of bloatware and the screen quality that is less responsive. The rest is good, performance is maintained, the camera is relatively good and the battery lasts. Adjust it to your individual needs.

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