Vivo X50 Pro Camera SMartphone with 60x Zoom Technology For Deep Photography

Vivo X50 Pro, a smartphone that raises the level of mobile stabilization to a different level from the present By simulating the stabilization of a wooden Gimbal used in the rear camera lens of the device. Giving results that other smartphones Not yet given to us. Vivo is a brand that always has new and innovative innovations. It will start with the Apex prototype smartphone that will be released first on the world stage. And after a while, the prototype idea will become a real product for this new anti-shake system as well. The Vivo X50 Pro is a high-grade smartphone in all aspects, not just a camera. It is a smartphone that comes in the 5G era, a high-grade production machine.

Design + Display

The Ultra O Screen screen is a large 6.56 inch AMOLED screen, FullHD + beautiful color, 90Hz high refresh rate, do not just look at the screen specification. Quality, color and beauty of images on the X50 Pro, beautiful, high quality, able to perform various tasks smoothly. And a small, thin and light machine, perforated, front camera, 32 megapixel resolution, small size, only 3.96mm, very full screen, support for scanning fingerprints directly on the screen

The back is beautiful, Alpha Gray color is a smooth hand surface. This kind of material is difficult to scratch with fingerprints and is also difficult to scratch. Comes with an unusual big eye camera lens because it is the first camera that has been embedded with Gimbal stabilization system. Makes the stabilization system better than the OIS anti-shake system three times, the angle of stabilization, shifting to a level of 3 degrees ever..

The rear camera is a set of four cameras, 48MP + 13MP + 8MP + 8MP, and I would like to say that there are a lot of camera functions. Probably the most in the market at the moment

Slim body But the big internal battery 4315mAh with support for fast charging system 33W vivo FlashCharge 2.0 while charging does not accumulate heat from normal.

Supports two SIM cards, but does not support Micro SD card, the device in the box comes in a premium luxury, complete with a clear case, a charger, supports 33W vivo FlashCharge 2.0 with a USB Type C cable and 3.5 mm headphones with enough converters. Type C port is a 3.5mm port because there is no headphone hole on the device directly.

the sound of the Vivo X50 Pro is awesome, although it is a single speaker, but it sounds good. Has a good dimension and sound tightness. Especially when used with high-grade headphones, the more outstanding sound. Because this person inside has a HiFi audio chip AK4377A included. Anyone who likes listening to music with a good sound is especially recommended.

Processor + Performance

The system has VEG ( Vivo Energy Guar dian) to help the system work. And the application is more smooth. When using it, I can feel that Vivo’s system is light and responsive since small operation. Like saving a screenshot Until opening and closing large applications and applications If you experience slow response time Will not be found in the device of the Vivo X50 Pro, from the test used for two weeks.

High specification, because it uses the latest generation of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 765G processor, 7 series of Qualcomm 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM, this series of processors is strong. Able to play high graphics games comfortably, play FPS games that run at the level of 80-90 frame rate smoothly, considered to be the top of the Snap 7 series at the moment, produced in the same 7nm standard as the top model Top Series 8.

Runs on the Android 10 system, covered with Funtouch OS 10.5, the app is not cluttered, but the function is not lacking. The key mode of the era when using smartphones all day and night is eye care mode. It will have both blue light reduction mode and dark mode that will change the menu page and various applications to black, we can set a time for it to work automatically in advance in both modes.

Game Mode

Ultra Game Mode is the best game mode for smartphone devices, because Vivo’s Ultra Game Mode is more complete and different than others. Clearly, there is a system designed to support certain games, such as 4-D vibration mode that will use vibrations to correspond with gun shooting in games like PUBG or countdown of the game that we do not have to wait in front of the game while waiting for people to enter the field. Because the system will count down for us even if we leave the game page to do something else And can return immediately, just press the button to return to the game once.

Improved visualization of the game with a hawk-eye color view, HI-Fi sound mode, and our preferred game audio. And a sound line that is suitable for the age of the user.

Many things can only be found from Vivo’s Ultra Game Mode, superior, smart and beautifully designed.

Rear + Front Camera

The Vivo X50 Pro is a high-end camera smartphone. It has better gimbal stabilization than any other stabilizer on the market. Different technologies have a Periscope 5X zoom lens. And it is another story that Vivo is good, but many people may not yet know. This is because this is the brand that offers the largest number of shooting and manipulation modes in all smartphone cameras.

32 megapixel front camera with more shooting functions than many rear cameras Customize the color scheme according to style. Make up without having to go to the actual filling ^^ fine face every part of the face.

The picture is beautiful, there is a cute AR sticker to use as well. The front camera has a sharp focus. Always capture the face and eyes of the model. Make the face clear after blurring smoothly With a night selfie mode so your face won’t get dark when in low light.

The rear camera is even more fun. Because the lens of the X50 Pro uses camera gimbal technology to triple the stabilization performance compared to the OIS system, it does all the work, whether it is general photography, zooming, night photography, and night photography. And video shooting Because of what will make the image sharp Is the stability of the light entering the image sensor When the anti-shake system works effectively The resulting image is sharp from a steady light according to the stabilization system that smartphones can do.

There are many rear camera modes. Supports digital zooming 60x.

The images obtained in the shooting range from the wide angle 0.6x to the zoom up to 10x are considered sharp and good. And at the maximum distance of 60X, the picture is still not messed up until you can’t see it. Even when zooming in on small things.

Zooming from a 119-degree ultra wide-angle lens to a zoom level 5X is a sharpness used for portraits still has beautiful images..

Motion capture mode Which will focus on the camera to increase the shutter speed as much as possible, the AI ​​will capture moving things exceptionally sharp Use it to take pictures of fast-moving cars or activities..

The anti-shake system is well designed. Not just the hardware But in the software itself, it can be done as well On the front of the camera there will be a distance to support the stabilizer system for us to clearly see. To maintain the level of camera shake within the range that it can control. It is a symbol similar to a water level meter. But this one is a shape in the middle of the screen Well done, it helps a lot of people taking pictures..

Vivo also opted for a specially crafted IMX598 sensor. With a large aperture of F / 1.6, comes with the latest version of AI Super Night. Capable of taking pictures in less than 1 Lux, the eyes are barely visible. But still clearly taken out With a large aperture, intelligent adjustable AI and a special Gimbal camera system, we can see results at night that are sharper and clearer than the human eye..

Night mode also has a shooting mode for stars and a shooting mode to increase the size of the moon to play. Who likes shooting the night sky is definitely fun.

The shot mode can be adjusted to the focus after the f-number simulation can be adjusted to re-define the depth of field.

The back light bokeh can be adjusted into various shapes. While taking photos too Add a cute feature to the picture.

Person effect mode Make the background black and white Or add rainbow light to the camera to make pictures look beautiful.

The camera system is excellent. The video camera system is just as great as the stabilizer actually works better with movie shooting. Video shooting that results out like a handheld gimbal stick, take photos by yourself, cut by yourself, create beautiful clips. Can finish in one device.

System Functions

A beautiful function called “dynamic effect” to adjust the color with a style that I really love. Because it is cool in every menu Whether it is a customizable face scan animation. Fingerprint scanning Effect show battery charging Or plugging in a USB cable, we can choose to customize as we want. Each animation is beautiful.

And there is a function “ambient light” by showing the color around the edge of the device. While we were listening to music Or there is a missed call There will be a light effect on the center of both screen edges Very beautiful.

The smoothness and beauty of the image, the display of the X50 Pro is beyond specification, the numbers can tell us. Because smartphones are made up of many different parts. The numbers of the same specification but the quality grade are clearly different, there is always a difference and for the Vivo X50 Pro, I can say All good stuff.

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